Would you like physical help to get back control of your possessions and rescue your space?

There is no charge for local quotations, but if you are enquiring on behalf of someone else e.g a family member, I will usually request you attend the meeting with them. This is just to support their client confidentiality and clarify work details.

Please get in touch for free, friendly advice and to discuss the help you need. It might just be an extra pair of hands for a small job or particular tools, equipment and muscle power needed all day.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Call Kathy: 07706 016934

Many of my customers call on me to be their extra pair of hands when life at home changes.

Families growing, pregnancy, kids leaving home, retirement or new jobs as just some examples.

Making sure your spaces evolve to work for you is especially important if you experience changes to your health or are caring for someone.

Give me a call about the help you need to...

'Rescue your space!!'

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